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A no-code AI platform to classify, extract, and make effective use of your data through actionable insights.

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How Deep Lex works

How it works part 1

Upload and API

You can upload your documents to Deep Lex or integrate it into your existing systems.

How it works part w


By using AI Deep Lex analyzes your documents at scale and extracts the key statistics defined by you.

How it works part 3


Get the results back via API and integrate them into your own processes and services.

How Deep Lex is used

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Employment Contracts

Deep Lex extracts key statistics from employment contracts to show deviations from standards and give unprecedented industry insight.

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Terms and Conditions

Deep Lex analyzes the terms and conditions of your suppliers to give an overview and flag where they differ from your own standard terms.

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Lease Agreements

Deep Lex analyzes lease agreements and flags deviations from applicable legislation to avoid costly errors.

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Deep Lex can be tailored to any document and any domain. Contact us so we can help you make effective use of your data.




Automatically find and flag important areas in documents and reduce your manual review to a bare minimum.



Extract key parameters in a machine-readable format to seamlessly use the data to optimize work.



Connect the extracted information to your other systems and get the most out of linking your data sources.


The Deep Lex functions are document agnostic and our API-solution is designed to make it easy and convenient to integrate to most systems. Book a meeting and let us take a look at your documents together to see if Deep Lex can create value for you too.

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